Juicing -The Fresher The Better


We have known for some time that a lot of you out there like to get your fruit/veg hit as a juice or blitz. What I hadn’t realised is how expensive and ‘processed’ a lot of juices are.

DISCOVERY2 400-300It seems that there are a lot of companies offering juices in a bottle – usually frozen. There are even some that offer powders….how on earth ‘Greens Powder Mix’ can have anywhere near the nutritional value of fresh juice is beyond me. A quick look on the interweb tells me I’m not alone in this suspicion. In fact the only people I can find claiming it is all good are the powder producers themselves. Mmmm?

So what about frozen? Well it isn’t straightforward. If you avoid the anecdotal and look for hard evidence then there is some interesting academic research out there. They all seem to come to the same conclusions as this Uni of Cali paper that says that freezing can lead to loss of nutrients like VitC etc. It is true that other nutrients are ‘held’ if frozen and that if left veg and fruit will lose their nutrients quickly – see my thoughts here

So if you waded through all of that whats the conclusion? Well to me it seems that best juice/blitz you can get is that from the freshest veg/fruit available. Freezing is ok, but can leave to some losses of key nutrients. As for powdering….geez.

When we started this business we wanted to use only local veg from smaller farmers as it seemed to us that the shortest time from field to fridge was ecologically best. It also seems it is nutritionally beneficial as well. 

Oh and yes, don’t be fooled by that ‘cleanse’ and ‘detox’ rubbish either, it ain’t nothing but marketing talk.

Yet again academic research supports common sense. Fresh is best. We all know it.

So we have decided to re-package and re-launch our juicing boxes.

You can decide on the contents you want – more or less fruit/veg/leaf etc. and add some extras if you wish. As you’d expect the veg and hard fruit all come from small local farmers who don’t generally spray. Most of the crops are are harvested on Tuesday, chilled and in your fridge by Friday. 

Our objective is to provide you with the freshest, cheapest and nutritionally laden juice/blitz out there. You won’t be disappointed. 

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