Kentish Salami? Oh yes….

Last week Becca & I visited Kentdown Artisan Meats to have a look at their cured meats range. I’d visited previously when we started getting lamb and pork meat from them, but I’d seen the charcuterie hanging up and thought they’d make a great addition to our range.

kentdown3I love cured meats, but have found the supermarket ones so dry and chewy they were not worth the effort. Even in the Deli’s they was and absence of anything remotely British let alone from Kent.

Dan, the main man, has stocked this small holding with rare breeds; Tamworth pigs and Wiltshire Horn Sheep. Both are rare breeds, succeeded in the commercial world by faster growing breeds…..

The meat we get from them in our Meat Boxes is so good. So much better than ‘standard’ free range meat, such a flavour…

So that brings us to their cured meats… As you can see there is a great rangcharcu_3e of the classic salamis etc, given a local twist by Dan. It was all I could do to stop Becca from assaulting the rack and gorging. To be honest I nearly did too. Dan did get some down quickly for us to taste, I think he could sense the change in atmosphere!

It’s always interesting to see the racks, and to be honest, mould covered meat does make a little bit of your brain query this is a good thing right? It is, trust me.

On the rack were a salami, coppa, lomo, chorizo and pancetta. One salami was the Cumberland Salami, flavoured with a nod to one of the UK’s favourite sausages. First we tried the Lomo, which is made from the loin of the pig.

Unbelievable. So tender, tasty and with a delicate fennel flavour at the end. I could live off this Lomo alone for at least a year and not get bored.

The second trcharcu_2y was the Cumberland Salami. Firstly lose any thoughts you have of that pink, fatty  stuff you get at the supermarket. As you can see from the picture there is a much higher meat content and it was so tender. It literally crumbles when cut and the flavour just floods the senses (sorry for that but it really does!).

Dan reckons it needs a bit longer to cure, so it is a bit more robust, but it was all I could do not to just grab the remainder and make a run for it.

The only problem I can see with these meats is how to not eat it all as soon as you open it.

So what a great visit. I know Dan does various Farmers Markets around East Kent so keep an eye out for him. You’ll not regret anything you buy, raw or cured.

For us, well the pork and lamb are already in the meat boxes. We have decided to start offering our customers the cured meats as an extra to their deliveries too. Keep an eye out for them..

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