Lettuce Ideas – No More Boring Salads

Deciding what goes in your box at this time of year can be a bit of a challenge. By now the old winter veg has gone and we basically have a selection of salads…. So green it is..

We do start to get some new season veg through, such as beet, that add a bit of colour, and tomatoes of course, but that’s it really. We are waiting on other veg such as carrots to bail us out, and the colourful squashes, but in the meantime we have a 4-5 week battle to send you something other than chlorophyll.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good salad. Coming after the end of the brassicas and root fuelled later winter it is great to have something a bit lighter and more delicate.

I worry, you see, about boredom.

When you open a box with squashes and different roots you immediately have cunning plans to use it all in ways that will amaze your family & friends. But a lettuce? I don’t know about you but I need inspiration.

So let us see, with some trepidation, what the internet offers us when I ask about “different things to do with a lettuce”.

Making sure my safe search was on, I was prepared to be amazed. I normally do searches on images, and if a picture takes my fancy I’ll call up the article. Below is the screenshot.

different things to do with a lettuce   Google Search.png

Not a lot there, right? I was so desperate I even turned the safe search off. Tell me now, honestly, does this inspire you to do something different? Yeah me neither.

It seems to me that the best the internet can come up with is liquidise it or use the leaves as wraps. Or put a chilli on it. Lettuce tacos anyone….?

So it strikes me now that I’ve not really helped here have I? I’m not sure it is really the best business plan to write a blog post about boring salad, so I’m listing below some exciting, easy and cheap ways to improve your lettuce love.

So I’ve scoured our Pinterest boards for the best lettuce ideas. They are good, use them..

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