Getting our Foods

Just a short note to let everyone know how our scheme works and how flexible it is.

Where do we get our veg?

kentvegWe source all of our veg from Kent based farms that are within 35 miles of our base in Maidstone. We collect the veg on Tuesdays and deliver to our customer’s homes by Friday. This means that we offer one of the freshest veg box services around.

Our aim is to go to ‘Pick Today, Deliver Tomorrow’ as our business grows. To be clear though this is for a lot of the veg, but some, like potatoes and squashes, are cropped in one go and put into storage, else they would rot. Typically leaf veg, salads, leeks, brassicas are all pulled from the ground on the day we pick up.

Oh, and just so you know, the big boys do not do this despite their marketing. They source produce from all over Europe all year and say the produce is local. It isn’t. The delivery man is but that’s it. Don’t believe the hype.

Our farms are not generally Organic, although most do not use artificial sprays at all. To be honest they are expensive and they refuse to spend the cash!

In late Winter/early Spring we sometimes go further afield, literally, for our veg as Kent veg can get in very short supply. We always get UK veg though, and it is only for 4-6 weeks if at all. Else we would have to eat kale every week and as much as we like kale we have no desire to turn in to it.

In summary:

We source our veg direct from Kent Farms. Occasionally in the deep Winter we source from outside Kent but always in the UK. Our veg is not generally Organic, but we do source from smaller producers who are low/no use of sprays. Where we can the veg is cropped for us the day before we start delivering. 

Ordering, Delivering and Paying.

tomato_vineYou can order our boxes online at our website. Click the tomatoes. We let you buy one box and try it first before joining the scheme. Just to see how it is for you.

You don’t have to be in to receive delivery. All produce is boxed and wrapped so it can be left somewhere out of the sun etc. Please though, if you live in flats, let us know how we can get in….

After your first delivery we email you to see if you want to change or leave the scheme. Assuming you stay on we charge your card for the next deliveries. This is generally for the next 4 weeks, but we can bill weekly if required.

Despite your paying period there is no contract. You can leave/change at any point and we refund any monies you have paid in advance. 

We do not offer a ‘as and when’ service. The advantage of our scheme is that by committing to a regular purchase we can get great prices from our farmers for that commitment. You have to be in the club to get the benefits.


And that’s it. Very simple really. Pick, pack, deliver.

Truly local, truly fresh.

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