Strawbs, Asparagus and Salads now in

Just a quick update about what’s  going top be new in the boxes next week going forwards for the rest of May.

asparagusThe first of outdoor veg is appearing : asparagus! We source ours from Ladysden near Goudhurst, who also offer their own as PYO if you happen to be near them. It traditionally ends on 21/6 so only has a short season. We shall put it in the boxes from 9/5/16.

strawbsWe are also getting our first soft fruit – strawberries. These are also sourced from Ladysden so the will be added to our fruit boxes from next week as well. As the season progresses we will also get raspberries and blackberries as well. Can’t wait.

On the leaves front we are already offering baby spinach and baby kale leaves, baby chard is to follow soon. They come from Betts at West Malling. In your boxes now.

bettsWe shall also be getting a range of salads from Betts as well. The current lettuces are Little Gem and Cos (or Romaine). Iceberg will be soon. We will also be getting mixed salad leaves, rocket and land cress soon. How very exciting!

As you can see, and it happens every year, the range of new veg and fruit arrives early May in bit of a tsunami… we are soon spoilt for choice.

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