Freshest Eggs ?

eggsOne of the basics we add to our boxes are free range eggs. As you would expect they come from a local producer – Woodlands Farm near Canterbury. Craig and his team have been running the business since 1990 and have a well run, welfare focussed, farm that has some 15,000 birds, so they have come a long way from their start of 100 birds to supply local shops.

We like the fact that when we pick up the eggs on a Tuesday they are that day’s lay. Indeed it is not unknown for us to have a little wait whilst more eggs are collected! The eggs are that fresh, and really the only way you can get fresher is by having your own birds..

chickenThe yolks are always a deep yellow and have a great taste. Our short supply lines, a great local producer who cares about their animals, and a great price all go together to provide a really great product.

Just thinking though, most veggie recipes we have seen could benefit from a poached eggs or two added on top don’t you think? Next time….

If you want to add some eggs to your delivery then click the eggs above and you can order them online.


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